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For Fans Whose School Spirit Won’t Fit on an Alumni License Plate!

Hey sports fans, we like alumni license plates, team spirit flags and yard signs too, we think they are
cute, but if you want to make a “Big Dawg” statement in your neighborhood, then get your “Big
Dawg” banner today!


Made of high quality, long lasting vinyl mesh, your banner will have your house looking fabulous on game day. Whether you get the Big Dawg Remote-Controlled Motorized Banner or the grommeted hanging banner, your neighbors will all be green with envy! This is not the lightweight nylon banner material that a lot of other sports memorabilia are made of. This is the same heavy duty, long lasting material as the famous LeBron James banner which has been hanging from the Sherwin Williams building in Cleveland for the past 2 years.


Just imagine… It’s GAME DAY and your rivalry neighbor comes out to hang his 2′ x 3′ team flag on his porch. You are out on the front lawn just waiting for this moment. He looks over at you, smiles and says, “Game On! What have you got?” That’s when you smile back, reach in your pocket and hit the button on your remote control.  Then he stands in awe as he watches your full size, single or double car garage banner roll down behind you. You look at him and say… “Game Over”:


Your Big Dawg banner is made of mesh vinyl, which is semi-transparent from the inside of the garage. This allows you to work inside of your garage during the day without everyone in the neighborhood seeing all of your projects. It also allows for fresh air to move through the garage while you are working.

Besides touting your favorite team, you get the privacy that you want, air movement through the garage and it also helps keep out some of those pesky insects.